Trace missing debtors in the UK and Abroad

Using a Private Investigator to trace a debtor and find someone who owes you money.


Times are tough financially right now and staying afloat for many people is hard enough, but if someone owes you money and you’re not able to find them, that can be the final straw. Debtor tracing enables you to track down the people who owe you money so you can take the necessary steps to recover your funds.


If you’ve lent someone money in good faith and they’ve absconded without trace it can often seem impossible that you’ll ever recover your funds. It may well be that you have tried everything you can to track down the person who has taken off with your hard earned cash, but have so far failed. If you are:


Trying to locate a debtor.
Needing an address or the phone number of someone who has disappeared without trace.
In desperate need to recover the funds you lent in good faith.


Then you’re in the right place. Our debtor tracing service is just what you need. a Skilled Private Investigator can help you trace the person who owes you money and take the first steps to recovering the funds that are rightfully yours.


We have a highly skilled team of dedicated debtor tracers who are experts at searching and locating missing persons of all kinds, tracing assets and debtors and locating and following business who have tried to abscond without out paying debts owed.


If you’d like to find out more about our debtor tracing service, get in touch now. It costs absolutely nothing to talk and we will help put your mind at ease in the knowledge that there is a solution to your problem. We have an excellent success rate in the tracing of debtors and also can often offer this tracing service for free within a no-find no-fee basis

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