Missing Persons in the UK and abroad

Working to trace the people you’re looking for, in the UK and globally. Our Private Investigation team based  can find missing people nationwide in the UK and also people located further afield throughout the rest of the world.


Tracing missing people, by it’s very nature is a extremely stressful process when you try to go it alone. Irrespective of whether you’re trying to track down an old friend, an adopted child or an ex lover who’s left a gap in your heart for years, the search can seem relentless.


We are committed to listening and giving guidance and advice to all the people who contact us, as well as acting on behalf of those who do become the client of one of our Private Investigators. This is so much the case that we often help the people who contact us to find solutions without them even having to engage our services. This is why clients and non-clients alike recommend us on a regular basis to friends and family and contacts who they think may be in need of our expert services in this field.


By the time you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you have exhausted all the tracing options available to you without yet calling on professional help to track down the person or people you’re looking for. You are no doubt feeling tired, frustrated and maybe even hopeless about the final outcome? It might even be the case that you’re on the brink of giving up? So contact AB Private Investigators Leeds today!

At AB Private Investigations tracing missing people is simple and straightforward. Our Private Investigators will completely understand how demanding the whole tracing process can be and it is their job to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. We do this by only providing and working with Private Investigators who are first and foremost  kind, decent human beings and:


  • Are highly trained and experienced.
  • Can quickly establish your individual situation.
  • Are sensitive, yet highly professional.
  • Are accessible pretty much day and night.


We are professionals in searching and locating old friends, parents, long lost family, partners and spouses, missing persons and also in the area of tracing debtors. So if you need to find someone or have been trying to find someone for some time without out any success, contact us today, we have the experience, knowledge and know how to locate people, even people who don’t want to be found!

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