Financial Fraud Investigations

Around 70% of companies surveyed have reported losses through at least one type of corporate fraud in 2013, according to an international report by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The previous year it was 61%. Once we have an up to date figure we will post it here.


Global fraud is on the increase at an alarming rate and the need for companies to turn to discrete corporate fraud investigation agencies like AB Private Investigators Leeds has never been greater.
Often it can start with nothing more than a bad feeling about a set of events within your company – a gut feeling something doesn’t quite add up. Or, you’ve discovered some evidence to support fraud being committed against you and need some outside, but discreet assistance, to put all the pieces together.
Then, if and when you suspect corporate fraud, get advice from a professional fraud investigation team. When you contact AB Private Investigators Leeds, we will talk through your concerns and the options available to your organisation and recommendations for moving discreetly at speed for you.

Internal company fraud can be committed in a number of different ways, including:

  • Diversion of business.
  • Theft of confidential information (such as customer lists).
  • Theft of goods.
  • Theft of money and assets.
  • Intellectual property appropriation.
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