Dating and social media websites are more increasingly being used by fraudsters to commit online scams.

You might be looking for a companion or potential spouse on social media sites. However, how do your prevent someone breaking your heart or ripping you off with an online scam? The main problem you face when using these sites is that you can never be certain whether or not you can trust someone that you are getting to “know” through these sites.


What if you could actually find out who the person REALLY is? You would definitely feel safer and more confident in meeting them face to face and less vulnerable to a potential online scam.


Our investigators are able to provide you with an extremely detailed profile on your new friend or find answers to specific questions which you may have.


Our checking and vetting service is completed with absolute discretion and professionalism ensuring that the individual/s in question will never be aware of the investigation, at ANY stage.

Do You Have Any
Suspicions of Scams?

Not everyone you meet on an internet dating site should be trusted. Research has shown that there are thousands of married people using internet dating sites to cheat on their partners.


AB Private Investigations have the capability of conducting in depth background checks on individuals and businesses in many Countries. Contact us for an individual quotation, based on your requirements.

Our prices are worked out on a case by case basis. We will analyse what you require and what we have to work from. We will then provide you with a very competitive, fixed fee quote for the case. **Please note that our checks are NOT restricted to simple database searches!.


We provide a comprehensive service, designed to give YOU the information you require, to enable you to make an informed decision regarding the individual in question.**


Warning Signs to watch for


Scammers use photos of models.


A scammer often ask for your email address right away, or give you theirs. They want to communicate off site as soon as possible.


The scammer will have a hard luck story, they make you feel sorry for them, and they ask for help or money, or get you to offer it because you are ‘such a nice person’.


The scammer may offer you money. They will do this to gain your trust. They will send counterfeit checks which will eventually bounce at your bank and get you into trouble.


The member is from your country but travels for their job (working an oil rig, buying antiques, etc.). They have lost their ID and money and have been arrested or injured and urgently need money to get back home – this is quite common.


These are just a few of the potential warning signs but by no means are we suggesting that EVERY contact you make is a scammer. However, we will be able to confirm if they are BEFORE you make any type of commitment to them and most certainly BEFORE you arrange any kind of meeting.

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